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Editing Services

Writing_by_JkimboWhy hire an editor?

With self-publishing being on the rise, it is essential that you not only possess the gift of creative aptitude to create engaging characters, intriguing plots, and vivid settings, but also that you are able to present that package effectively to your intended audience…not to mention those highly expectant publishing houses.

Investing in an editor is investing in your success as an author. If you have spent (in my experience with clients) between a year and five years composing your manuscript, don’t you want it to be polished, organized, and entertaining before you release it to the public? Writing is an extensive process that can take quite some time before your story becomes a product that you can sell to your audience and actually make a good return. Utilizing an editor will give you that second objective eye that you need to ensure that what you are writing is not only pleasing to you (you have a pretty biased opinion of yourself), but will also satisfy the most voracious readers who will decide whether or not they will pick up the next book written by you.

I have witnessed several self-published authors – who had the potential to be great, flounder upon the release of their story to the public simply because the grammar, structure, and organization of their book was not up to par with what readers expect when they pay their money for a good read.

Although it may not seem important, simple errors in spelling, dialogue, grammar, syntax, and sentence structure can throw a reader off the pace of your book, and ultimately, they may set your book down…forever.

Investing in an editor will give you the peace of mind that what you are offering to your beloved readers is something that they will appreciate as much as you do.

About Me

I have always enjoyed helping authors fulfill their dream of making the story that they have put so much time and effort into great. Whenever I garner a relationship with a new client, I am also investing myself into them. The fact is: I want authors to be successful in their endeavors. Because I love reading so much, I am enamored with learning about new characters, interesting plots, and how we can make them better.

The first step would be to determine how much help you need. Based on a sample of your project, I will analyze whether you require substantive editing (assistance with plot structure, character development, theme incorporation, etc.) or simply basic editing (corrections to spelling, format, sentence structure, etc.).

In either scenario, I will work closely with you until we reach the point where the story is clear, concise, engaging, entertaining, and, in some cases – life changing. Those are the characteristics of a great book.


Rates will vary based on the amount of editorial services you require. Contact me by email and we can start the process of agreeing upon what will work best for you.

How long will the editing take?

This will depend on how much work your manuscript needs. If you require substantive editing, there may not be a finite time-frame that I can give you. This is because you may require an undefined amount of re-writes and other things go into play – such as how much time you can commit to your project, and how fast you can decide on changes and draft them into your manuscript.

On the other hand, if you just need proofreading (checking a finished product for any missed mistakes), resume re-formatting, or report editing, your turnover time will not be long at all.

How do I get started?

The first step is to contact me: (or use the contact form) and tell me a little about your project:

–          What it is: book manuscript, academic report, resume, etc.?

–          How long it is: based on pages in Microsoft Word format.

–          What are your plans? To self-publish, submit to publishing house, etc.

After that, we will work together to determine the best plan (including rates, and turn-over time) for you and your project.

How can I learn more about you?

Check out some of my sample work. Please understand though, that I work with many authors who are still in the production stages of their manuscripts and will not post samples of their work here to protect their creative rights. However, I am happy to provide references. ☺


Substantive/Basic Editing Sample (Fiction)

Basic Editing Sample

Proofreading Sample (Before & After)

Copywriting Sample

Sample Resume

Academic Writing Sample

One comment on “Editing Services

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